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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion at Nestlé Purina

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What does "diversity, equity, and inclusion" mean to you? If we asked this question to several people at Purina, we'd get a different answer from each person. We choose to celebrate that.

Our core focus as an organization is how we can translate the "24 dimensions of diversity" into significant impact we have on our workforce, culture, community and marketplace. By sharing the celebration of our differences, we make a bigger difference in this world. Working together, #WeStandTaller.

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We will address equity gaps through increased awareness, understanding and appreciation of diversity, equity and inclusion throughout the organization

Two women and a man talk at a table


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We will make an impact on community-level racial equity across Nestlé Purina markets

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We will ensure our brands, partners and suppliers more accurately reflect the diversity of an equitable society

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We will develop strategically relevant initiatives to break down barriers for people of color in key areas of pet care

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Progress and Action Toward Change

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We’re proud to reflect on progress we’ve made in this journey, while recognizing the important work ahead of us

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Efforts
Jose with colleagues
Jose, Site Services
Jose, Site Services

Diversity makes this campus more beautiful, from the variety of plant species that we grow to the people that make this place special.

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Ketra, Lead Mail Clerk, Distribution Services
Ketra, Lead Mail Clerk, Distribution Services

As I walk the corridors of campus, I am reminded that some people may see the world differently than I do. It reminds me that rainbows have more than one color. That’s what makes it a rainbow. That’s what makes us who we are.

George with his dog
George, Global Leader, Veterinary Brands
George, Global Leader, Veterinary Brands

Often, I take note of the variety of associates that call Nestlé Purina home...different nationalities, genders, orientations, worldviews. Then I leave the office with my dog in tow. Both of us wagging our proverbial tails.

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Moronke, Brand Manager, eCommerce
Moronke, Brand Manager, eCommerce

The work done by the Purina Business Diversity Resource Group is significant. The group’s efforts showcase the diverse internal talent here and foster a welcoming environment for all prospective employees.

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Victor, Director, Supply Chain
Victor, Director, Supply Chain

Being part of the DE&I Council makes me think about rowing the boat in the same direction. No one can predict the strength of the currents that arise when different people share differing perspectives. But, as long as we’re all rowing in the same direction, we will get there together.

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