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Starkloff Disability Institute
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Our Partnership with Starkloff


In 2003, Max and Colleen Starkloff founded the Starkloff Disability Institute (SDI), the mission of which is to help those with disabilities fully participate in our society. With the success of this organization, it has provided assistance to the 18 percent of disabled Americans and has helped reshape societal attitudes and perceptions toward individuals with disabilities.  

Nestlé Purina has built a close partnership with Starkloff, beginning with our Chief Human Resources Officer, Steve Degnan, who has served as a member of the Starkloff Board of Directors since 2010. That same year, Purina was added to Starkloff's list of 'Role Model Companies'. Purina volunteer board member, Degnan, has also previously been recognized for going above and beyond traditional board service with an 'Outstanding Leadership in the Next Big Step' award. The Next Big Step, now called The Starkloff Career Academy, is an initiative dedicated to helping those with disabilities find and retain employment. Steve's passion for Starkloff and its larger mission has connected Purina with unique opportunities to help the organization grow and thrive in various hands-on ways.  

"It's often forgotten that diversity includes those with disabilities," Steve said. "We have a strong partnership with Starkloff and I am looking forward to seeing us hire more of qualified applicants with disabilities as part of our efforts on diversity and inclusion."  

As part of our partnership with Starkloff, we gather at Checkerboard Square once a year with area residents who have disabilities to teach best practices of finding employment. David Bone, Director, Talent Acquisition, said “We gain so much from our relationship with Starkloff, especially during our annual finding employment session. It’s an opportunity to hear firsthand from those in the community with disabilities about their candidate experience in seeking employment—the good and the bad.” 

During the session, attendees are presented with guidance for finding a job, which includes developing a strategy, understanding job descriptions, writing résumés, preparing for phone interviews, and practicing professionalism during the selection process. “It gives us great insight and allows us to reflect on our overall recruitment process with the goal of making changes for the better,” Bone said. “In return, we’re proud to facilitate training where Starkloff participants practice honing their job application and interview skills.”  

We embrace diversity of all types as we truly honor our commitment to grow and change in the marketplace.