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 Our Commitment to the Military Community

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Discover your Next Mission at Nestlé

Like you, we have a strong sense of mission. You serve our country and we serve our country's families, communities, and pets.  

Integrity, courage, expertise, speed, and innovation. These are the same principles you have perfected through your service and sacrifice in the form of leadership, adaptability and resiliency. We will help you utilize those capabilities and develop further in a supportive career environment. It's a shared partnership where we take care of one another like family – the kind of brother-sisterhood that brings out the best in each other. 

Military Friendly Employer Award
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Vetted By Vets

It's our mission to offer stability and growth opportunities to members of the military community. We work with partners in the industry, the government and educational institutions who further enhance our military-supportive culture. These groups help us create a strong environment for veterans to assimilate into civilian careers at Nestlé. 

The Everyday Benefits That Serve You and Your Family
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We offer learning opportunities like career coaching, online programs, live training sessions, apprenticeships, and more to help you develop your career outside of service. 

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From dental care to access to experts, our broad medical plan covers all areas of health for you and your family. 



Service is stressful. That’s why our military benefits cover more than your physical health. They also address well-being for you and your family. 


Financial Security

Our scholarship programs and retirement benefits help you and your family prepare for the future, while our discount programs, pay raises, and legal services help you maintain your financial security. 



If you get the call to undertake military service, we offer military leave, deployment benefits, and reemployment initiatives to ensure that you’re still part of the Nestlé family while in uniform. 

See How We Make a Difference Every Day
Hear From Veterans Inside Nestlé About Their Experience Within Our Ranks
How To Prepare For An Interview

Make a good impression before you reach the interview room by updating and maintaining your LinkedIn profile if you have one. Prepare for your interview by researching the company, practicing your interview skills, and studying the position so you can see how your skills match up. So you aren’t flustered on your way to the interview, do a dry run to the interview location before your interview day. If you’re looking for more support, reach out to other veterans who have had success with job searching to help you prep.

Key Takeaways

  • Update or create your Linkedin profile
  • Research our culture, our people, and the location of your interview
  • Do a dry run to the interview location
  • Prepare specific examples that fit the job requirements
  • Use our online skills translator to best explain your skills and experience
  • Practice a mock interview
  • Reach out to other veterans in  your network

Put your best foot forward by arriving in appropriate attire and showcasing the situations, behaviors, and outcomes that have led to your success. By highlighting the skills you obtained in the military and owning your accomplishments, you’ll make a lasting impression.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dress in business formal
  • Practice storytelling
  • Have a printed copy of your resume
  • Highlight the skills that match with the job you're interviewing for
  • Share your accomplishments
  • Emphasize your dedication to the job
  • Ask questions!

If you’re interested in the position, make it known! Sending an email or thank-you note shows your appreciation and keep you in the interviewer’s mind. The job market is competitive, so don’t be discouraged by not landing a job on the first try. Instead, view each interview as a learning experience that will prepare you for future opportunities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Send an email or thank-you note
  • Use the interview as a learning experience