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woman with kids
Our People

Purina Ability Advocates—Making a Difference for Those with Disabilities

woman with kids

Shelby N., Events & Programs Operations Specialist, Human Resources 

Our family has been blessed with two beautiful children. Our daughter, Lily, 5, has Down syndrome and our son, James, 3, has Down syndrome and Autism. Sure, we have our hands full, but the journey and the accomplishments have been amazing to be a part of! Our kids have to work very hard at everything. Both are doing OT, PT, Speech, Music, & Equine Therapy to give them the strength and adaptability to be the best they can be. Watching how my children interact with our dog, Franklin, I know that he is their furry advocate and cheerleader. Franklin was the motivation for Lily to learn to crawl. He was the motivation for James to stand up as he so wanted to grab those paws on the couch. We know our kids can accomplish so much if given the opportunity and encouragement, but often don’t feel others believe in that hope. 

The passion and love I have for my kids and giving them opportunities has extended into my work at Nestlé Purina. I am proud to be part of the Purina Ability Advocates—a cross-functional group of associates who embody that same hope. We’ve come together to help create richer lives for pets and people affected by disabilities. We are ambassadors to partners and employees, as well as a red thread for initiatives related to this cause. We hope to reinforce all of the amazing relationships owners have with their pets, and how they truly are more than a pet, but rather a comfort, motivator, “eyes, ears, and nose”—and so much more for their human owners. 

The Purina Ability Advocates have big plans to make this world a better place for pets and the people who love them. Our rooted ties with Nestlé Purina’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Team help give us the platform to reach more people and grow existing partnerships. 

I am profoundly humbled to be part of an organization that cares so deeply for its consumers, employees, and the communities in which we live and work. It’s a shared mission we’re proud of and one I hope to share with future employees here. 

Working together, We Stand Taller.