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From Microbiology to Quality Assurance: My Journey at Nestlé Purina

On her scientific career journey with Nestlé Purina, Alice continues to hone her skills in microbiology, safety analysis, and quality assurance. Hear how she’s been empowered to take on new challenges to further her professional development.

What made you decide to join Nestlé Purina?

I became intrigued by Purina because I wanted to work for a company that provides quality products with a sustainable approach. As a pet owner and being passionate about preserving the environment, this is important to me. Additionally, Purina promotes work-life balance for their employees. Overall, these companies values are unmatched.

Tell me about your career path at Nestlé Purina.

I started in the Purina Analytical Microbiology lab which supports our factories across the country. Here I gained a wide range of skill sets pertaining to microbiology analysis, good laboratory practices, quality control, and so much  more. After 4 years in the microbiology lab, I moved to the customer service department of NPAL to gain more knowledge about supporting the business environment. Working in customer service has allowed me to have more direct client interaction and the opportunity to support a variety of groups across Purina. Within my role, I have taken on more quality assurance responsibilities from NPAL’s QA department and continue to develop in this area. I would like to explore more opportunities with Purina’s Quality Assurance – Manufacturing department to be able to provide more direct support to the factories.

What makes our R&D team different from other companies?

They adhere to high standards, so that quality products can be created with our pets’ best interest in mind.

What unique skills make someone successful in this position?

It’s essential to be able to shift from one task to the next routinely throughout the day. To be successful in NPAL one must be able to consistently multitask, have agility, and handle multiple projects while meeting deadlines. Additionally, you must have a safety mindset to be successful. I keep safety at the forefront of my mind for the sake of myself and my colleagues.

How have you felt supported by your department and colleagues?

I have received numerous developmental opportunities throughout my time working in NPAL. I’m fortunate to have started my career in the analytical microbiology lab because the high standards and rigorous practices applied there are key when developing in a quality role. The leadership team within NPAL consistently provides support and guidance with my career aspirations. I have been given the opportunity to take on additional responsibilities that will help me develop in my profession.

Tell us about the most exciting project you’ve completed or are currently working on.

This past year I participated in Purina factory lab audits. I gained valuable knowledge on conducting lab assessments at the factory level. It was a great opportunity to travel to various Purina labs and provide internal support and guidance. Additionally, it was beneficial to see how the factory labs operate compared to NPAL.

Outside of work, what are you passionate about?

My number one passion outside of work is my family. I love creating memorable experiences with them. We take advantage of all the entertainment St. Louis has to offer. My family and I enjoy spending time outdoors traveling, hiking, camping, and fishing. We frequently travel to my family farm, located just under 2 hours outside of the city, to escape from our busy lives and enjoy the outdoors.

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