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St. Louis, Missouri

The arch in St. Louis

"A hidden gem"; "A big city with a small-town feel"; "Everything you need and more" – phrases often used to describe St. Louis. This is humbling to us. St. Louis, undoubtedly, has some very special things about it – overwhelmingly nice people, low cost of living, world-class healthcare systems, award-winning schools, a neighborhood for every kind, a distinctive foodie-vibe, and an emerging tech hub. It's no Chicago, New York, or Los Angeles – but it's not trying to be. Just a city rich in history with a well-rounded personality. Regardless of who you are, how many kids you have (or don't), where you worship, what you eat, or what you like to do on the weekends – there's a place for you in The Lou. St. Louis has been home to Nestlé Purina since 1894, and we hope you can call it home, too.

Our 4 St. Louis Locations
Headquarters Icon

Our Downtown Corporate Office

Located in the heart of downtown St. Louis resides one of our offices housing some of the more technical teams within our business. We occupy one-third of the building's space with over 500 employees. Using a smart-office design, this location offers associates an environment conducive to intact team collaboration. The high-rise views of downtown and ready-access to restaurants and other city establishments make our downtown location a desirable place to work every day.

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Our Support Center Manufacturing Facility

Being a leader in pet care means more than market share and sales volume. It's about quality in every aspect of how our products go from concept to completion. That also means leading in technology. In 1956, Purina® Dog Chow® became the first pet food made using a technology called extrusion to form distinctive shapes we refer to as kibble today. And by 1982, we brought this proprietary technology in-house – which became the founding of our Support Center housed right here in St. Louis. The result of this original manual machine shop was improved quality and a reduction in lead time for parts. Since then, we've grown to include a modern machine shop, investment foundry, and sheet metal and welding fabrication shop to support our North American factories. Additionally, we provide prototype development and testing, innovative design services and support, inventory space for spare parts, electrical and automation, mixer inspections and rebuilds, and capital purchasing services. This is part of our relentless pursuit and pledge to continue innovating.

Purina Farms icon

Purina Farms

Located just 45 minutes west of downtown St. Louis on more than 300 acres of rolling hills, Purina Farms is home to our well-known Visitor Center and the Purina Event Center. For more than 30 years, we've committed to showing the world the true potential of dogs and cats through pet-centric events. This family-friendly attraction offers pet lovers of all ages an opportunity to get up close and personal with barnyard animals and amazing dogs and cats. The Visitor Center offers a variety of kid-friendly activities including interactive exhibits, hayloft play areas, wagon rides, and exciting performances by rescued dogs. Our 84,000 square-foot Purina Event Center plays host to some of the most prestigious dog and cat shows in the country. It's the perfect place for pet lovers to play, learn, and compete.

Meet Some of Our Transplants
headshot of Gina, Brand Director
Meet Gina, Brand Director
Meet Gina, Brand Director

What I Love Most

I love the comfort I feel from the city. It's a good size, not too small, not too large. It's easy to navigate and we get all four seasons. I also love that its central-Midwest location means we aren't ever too far from our friends and family across the U.S.!

headshot of Michelle, Meeting Planner
Meet Michelle, Meeting Planner
Meet Michelle, Meeting Planner

The Perfect Size

St. Louis is unique because of the slew of things to do, its size, and proximity to several other large cities. Its size doesn't overwhelm me, and I can get to places like Chicago, Nashville, Memphis, or Indianapolis in about 4 or 5 hours.

Headshot of Greg, Senior Quality Specialist
Meet Greg, Senior Quality Specialist
Meet Greg, Senior Quality Specialist

Great Food

We live near Clayton, which has a variety of indoor/outdoor cafés, and also near the Delmar Loop, which has the popular and historic Blueberry Hill and Fitz's, as well as several great ethnic restaurants. There are great restaurants within walking distance of our house in University City, MO. "The Hill" is an Italian neighborhood with dozens of restaurants featuring authentic Italian cuisine.

Headshot of Pamela
Meet Pamela, Senior Display Specialist
Meet Pamela, Senior Display Specialist

The Walkability

Forest Park and The Loop are both within walking or biking distance from our house. We love to take our dog with us to dine outdoors with her at our side.

Headshot of Xia Xia
Meet Xia Xia, HR Generalist
Meet Xia Xia, HR Generalist

What Surprised Me the Most

It's a good size city, but it's not as crowded as I had imagined. I feel I've been spoiled with light traffic, tons of parking, quiet shopping, and no waits at restaurants!

headshot of Matt
Meet Matt, Director of Sales
Meet Matt, Director of Sales

Small Town-Outdoorsy Feel

St. Louis is unique in many ways to other cities I've lived in. I enjoy more outdoor activities because of the longer warm months that spring through fall bring. I also think a small town feel in a big city is hard to find; everyone knows everyone!

Available Jobs in St. Louis, Missouri
Company Job Title Job Function Job ID Location(s)
Nestlé Purina Pet Care Sr. Specialist Application Development Information Technology 21007633 Saint Louis, MO
Nestlé Purina Pet Care Expert Engineer Engineering, Packaging & Quality Assurance 21005473 Saint Louis, MO
Nestlé Purina Pet Care Financial Analyst (Co-Pilot-Capital Planning/FA) Finance, Accounting & Audit 21007589 Saint Louis, MO
Nestlé Purina Pet Care Product Development Specialist Research & Development 21006086 Saint Louis, MO
Nestlé Purina Pet Care Senior Mechanical Engineer Engineering, Packaging & Quality Assurance 21006850 Saint Louis, MO
Nestlé Purina Pet Care Lead, Technical Architect (Digital Marketing) Marketing, Brand Management & eBusiness 21004358 Saint Louis, MO
Nestlé Purina Pet Care Dry Process Specialist (Entry/Senior/Expert) Research & Development 21006966 Saint Louis, MO
Nestlé Purina Pet Care Mechanical Engineer Manufacturing & Operations 21007278 Saint Louis, MO
Nestlé Purina Pet Care Packaging Specialist (Senior) Engineering, Packaging & Quality Assurance 21006544 Saint Louis, MO
Nestlé Purina Pet Care Senior Specialist - Technical Publications Corporate Communications & Public Relations 21007255 Saint Louis, MO