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Employee Spotlight: Meet Stacy

Meet Stacy, Director IT Marketing, Sales, eCommerce at Nestlé IT, who inspires others to drive meaningful change through technology.

Can you explain your role within Nestlé IT and your career path?

I am the IT Marketing, Sales, and eCommerce leader for IT North America, and our goal is to make tech the first solve for any business challenge or opportunity. In my area, this translates to delivering best-in-class digital consumer and customer experiences across our incredible brands, such as Nestlé Purina, Gerber, Coffee Mate, and DiGiorno, while also unlocking additional value along the way. I have the privilege of leading an incredible team across multiple campuses in the US and Mexico where we partner with our operating companies to constantly evolve our digital solutions and leverage data and AI to do things smarter. This is an exciting space because everything is evolving so rapidly — the tech, the way consumers shop, and opportunities to help our employees shift how they work.

Throughout my career, I leaned into new experiences and opportunities and always focused on what I was learning, the skills I was gaining, and the people I was meeting.

What motivates you as a leader?

As a leader, I’m motivated by two key factors that drive me every day. First, I find great satisfaction in solving complex business problems within Nestlé and making a tangible impact. Whether it's finding innovative solutions, connecting dots across organizations, or seizing new opportunities, I thrive on the challenge and the sense of accomplishment that comes with driving positive change. Secondly, supporting and empowering my team members and colleagues, helping them develop their skills and achieve their goals is incredibly rewarding. These motivations, combined with the ever-evolving nature of technology and the dynamic consumer landscape, keep me inspired and eager to push boundaries.

What qualities contribute to the success of an organization, and how do you witness these qualities in your day-to-day experiences at Nestlé IT?

Trust, empowerment, and collaboration are the qualities that make Nestlé IT a truly special place to work. Throughout my journey, regardless of my role, I have always felt trusted and empowered to make significant decisions, define the scope of my team's responsibilities, and drive meaningful change. This level of trust and empowerment has made my work more fulfilling and has allowed me to take ownership of my projects and initiatives.  One of the remarkable aspects of Nestlé IT is its highly diverse workforce, and this diversity fosters a culture of collaboration. I have been consistently impressed by the willingness of people across the organization to share their knowledge and experiences with me. Whether I need to get up to speed on a new topic or seek guidance, there is always someone ready to lend a helping hand. This collaborative mindset is crucial in such a large and complex organization like Nestlé, where building networks and navigating the company's intricacies are essential.

How has technology inspired and influenced your professional journey?

Technology has been a constant in my career, and it's been interesting seeing how the role of tech has shifted from being what the IT department does to the job (in some way) of every single person in an organization. Also, the power of tech has exploded, and it's exciting to be at the forefront to drive this change.

Outside of your role, what else are you involved in at Nestlé IT?

I'm involved in several of our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) where I’m a proud ally, especially in LimITless, LGBTQ+, Women in Tech, and Digital Pioneers. I'm also involved in the IT Business Relationship Management (BRM) community globally at Nestlé where I've worked to build up capabilities across the business.  Specifically, I've led a mentoring circle, spoke on panels, and taught training courses. I also enjoy volunteering in Nestlé Cares events, and of course, the occasional team outings or just socializing with coworkers over lunch or coffee.

What’s your favorite tech gadget you couldn’t live without?

My kindle! I take it everywhere I go and can't go to bed without it on my nightstand. I love the convenience of having access to any book wherever I go.

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