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At Nestlé We’re More than Professionals, Meet Pedro


Tell us a little bit about yourself and how your support IT at Nestlé

My name is Pedro Angelini, and I am a Sr. IT Performance Manager. I have been working in Nestlé for almost 10 years, 6 of them being in the US.

At IT at Nestlé, I am responsible for measuring and reporting on the top level KPIs for the organization and linking the operations, our portfolio of applications and projects, our ways of working, and our people to provide a holistic view of IT North America’s internal workings as well as our impacts to the businesses within Nestlé.


When did your family start using our on-site daycare, The Center?

Our daughter, Cecilia, was born in September of 2018, and my wife and I took turns on leave from our careers to care of her during her first six months. We learned about The Center, our on-site daycare facility, via word-of-mouth and Nestlé’s Human Resources. We visited The Center, along with other daycares of similar cost, but ultimately, we chose The Center because it felt like a small family. The teachers and the support staff were very knowledgeable and kind, so we felt confident leaving our tiny baby with them. It’s very practical to have The Center very close to the office and share the same holiday calendar. Now, we are expecting another baby, and we’ve already enrolled them in The Center.


What does The Center mean to you and your family?

Man and child smiling in selfie

The fact that The Center is located on our campus is extremely convenient for our family, especially during the

COVID lockdowns and phased re-openings. Knowing that the policies from the company and The Center would be in lockstep gave us a peace of mind that not everyone had. Besides the convenience, being a part of a small community with similar experiences is nice, especially at this stage of life where you are responsible to teach your tiny human what your deepest values are. We’re lucky enough that our daughter has created strong bonds with the teachers and some of them feel like part of our own family, too.


How do you feel supported by IT at Nestlé?

My experience at Nestlé has proven to me that they understand we are not only professionals, but human beings who have families, hobbies, aspirations, and challenges. We are a geographically diverse team in IT with people from all over the word in our office. This is something that is valued in the company’s culture. You’ll often hear people asking about each other’s origins, how things are done differently in other Nestlé locations, or how our day-to-day with our families are different yet all the same. This means that your colleagues usually know your strengths and when things might be more difficult for you, like, for example, when your spouse is travelling next week and that 8AM meeting might not work because you’re taking your kids to daycare.


What would you tell a working parent who’s thinking about joining IT at Nestlé?

IT at Nestlé is a very flexible place to work. We are expected to deliver the value, but there’s a lot of flexibility of where and when this happens. This is huge when you are a “new-ish” parent and are still figuring it all out, like drop-offs, pick-ups, sick days, doctors’ visits, vacations, and more. There’s no presenteeism culture where you need to be seen in the office for people to believe you are working, which is also helpful. Some of us work closely with peers in various time zones. This presents even more flexibility and empowerment as you can adjust your calendar or work from home to make things more convenient for you and your family and your colleagues and their families.


What would you tell a new employee about IT at Nestlé?

Man smiling at camera

IT at Nestlé is a very dynamic workplace. We have established a productive relationship with the businesses we

support, which means the work we do is meaningful. We can see more and more of that impact through the support of the new IT products we deliver to the bottom line. Being a leader in the food and beverage industry, Nestlé provides opportunities to work in different locations throughout the US, as well as internationally.  There’s a strong culture of moving laterally and trying new types of work. We’re in a fast-moving market, so there are always a lot of changes, but changes create opportunities, and at times when the changes are not favorable, Nestlé is careful and considerate in treating us fairly and respectfully.


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