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Group of Purina employees at happy hour celebration
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Why Work in Sales at Purina? We’re Unique

Group of Purina employees at happy hour celebration

Ashley L. | Senior Purina Veterinary Consultant (PVC), Sales 


No matter the industry, sales job descriptions can start to blend and sound the same. Although each company has its own strategy to excel their salespeople to be the best team out there, it can come with something you’ve heard all too much. For example, how often have you heard, “We have the best people” while also being told exact details of how you will perform your job? It can feel like you’re being stripped of the individuality you thought you were bringing to the team. Often companies to tell their sales team, “You are the CEO of your territory,” and at Nestlé Purina, it’s true. You’re given the autonomy to grow your sales territory in the best way you see fit. There are set goals in place our organization needs to achieve to be successful so we can continue to grow our business and brand loyalty with our customers. How you achieve these set goals is up to you—how you use your budget, your territory, your ideas, your prioritization, and your flexibility. If you’re looking to be creative, you can do just that. Our teams are in place to help each other achieve goals. Although, we operate in our own territories, there is a deep sense of teamwork, camaraderie, and passion embedded into what we do every single day. My fellow sales reps act as a soundboard to elevate ideas and brainstorm execution. The mentorship in this role is also a great way to grow and develop quickly. After all, we strive together toward the common goal of growing our portfolio of brands and enriching the lives of dogs and cats with quality nutrition. 

For me, I came from a vastly different sales industry where work-life balance was not a luxury afforded to me as an employee. Nestlé Purina cares about my family, my life, and my pets. They ensure that work-life balance remains just that—balanced. I started as a Purina Veterinary Consultant (a Territory Manager of sorts). I sold our Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets line of products to veterinary clinics in one of our Midwest territories. This position allowed me to be the face of Nestlé Purina to vet clinics as they made key decisions on the products they endorsed for their clients’ pets. I typically worked from home one day per week to ensure ample time for planning and administrative work. That left me four days each week to be in the field spreading the word about this dynamic portfolio of products making cutting-edge breakthroughs in pet care nutrition. Now, I am a Senior Purina Veterinary Consultant. As a senior-level rep, I take a larger leadership stance within my team. I mentor new employees, work on special projects within Vet Sales, and I have the opportunity to lead my peers in both formal and informal settings. It still feels good to represent a brand whose research and quality I can confidently stand behind. We build relationships with people who care about people and their pets, and have the privilege of talking about the best, most researched products on the market. Seeing puppies and kittens often is a nice perk, too! 

All that said, if you have some general sales experience, are intrinsically motivated, love helping people and pets, and appreciate work-life balance, then Purina Veterinary Sales is the place to be. 

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