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4 reasons to join our factory team
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Four Reasons to Build Your Manufacturing Career with Nestlé Purina

In today's fast-paced and competitive job market, finding a workplace that prioritizes associate well-being and growth is crucial. At Nestlé Purina, we offer numerous opportunities for our associates to support them in their personal and professional development. Continue reading to learn about the many perks of working in our factories, including a safety-first work environment, growth prospects, comprehensive benefits, and our 401K match program. 

Safety-First Environment: 

Safety is our core value—we make it a top priority in all our factories. Our commitment to providing a secure and healthy work environment for our associates is evident in our protocols, continuous coaching, and the implementation of advanced preventative measures. By working in a safety-first environment, associates can focus on their tasks without worrying about potential hazards, so you can rest assured you’ll leave just as you were when you came in. 


We have a long-standing reputation for our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. As an associate, you become part of a company that invests heavily in research and development, constantly striving to improve its products and processes. This commitment to growth creates exciting opportunities for associates to learn and develop new skills, contributing to their personal and professional growth. Our dedication to staying at the forefront of the industry ensures a dynamic and challenging work environment. As a company with a strong global presence and a history of consistent growth, offering associates a sense of career advancement opportunities remains important to us. By working on one of our factory teams, you can feel confident about your future, knowing you are part of a company that values its workforce and invests in your success. 

Comprehensive Benefits: 

The wellbeing of our associates extends beyond the workplace. To support our associates' holistically, we offer comprehensive benefits including mental wellbeing support, financial wellbeing resources, and support for personal and family-related challenges. By offering a wide variety of resources, we can support associates' physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing, fostering a positive work-life balance. 

401K Match Program: 

Planning for retirement is a vital aspect of any associate's financial journey. We offer a generous 401K match program to all associates. This program allows associates to save for their future by contributing a portion of their salary to a retirement account, with our organization matching a percentage of their contributions. The 401K match program demonstrates the company's commitment to helping associates build a secure financial future, providing them with peace of mind and a sense of financial stability

When you join one of our factory teams, you’ll experience numerous advantages that make it an attractive career choice. From a safety-first environment to opportunities for personal and professional growth, robust employee assistance offerings, and a generous 401K match program, we prioritize our associates' well-being and success. By joining our factory team, you can enjoy a fulfilling career in a company that values your contributions, invests in your growth, and supports your overall well-being. 


Your needs are our responsibility—benefits, safety, and career growth. But we leave it up to you to shape our future and your career aspirations. View openings and apply online to build your career with us.