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Nestlé employee smiling at the camera 
Nestlé employee smiling at the camera 
Our People
Of All Backgrounds

"We are an incredible melting pot in IT of many nationalities, languages, skill sets and perspectives. We've developed a very special culture here—one that can only be created by the people within these walls and the energy they choose to bring to their work..." 

Our employee experience is enriched by Employee Resource Groups in IT at Nestlé
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Nestlé employees smiling at the camera 
Women in Tech


To coach, empower, celebrate, energize and influence Women in Tech; by being authentic, influencing creativity & perseverance and combating gender bias through collaboration with our male allies.

Nestlé employees smiling at the camera 
LGBTQ+ Allies
  • Promote an inclusive, safe and welcoming work environment for all persons regardless of their gender or sexual identity;

  • Influence policies and practices that triumph workplace equity and position IT at Nestlé as a desirable place to work;

  • Educate team members and our communities around issues impacting the LGBTQ+ community.

Parents @ IT

"The Parents @ IT employee resource group enables parents to be their whole selves for their Nestlé career and their invaluable role in their children’s lives. Finding ways to help out on the home front keeps employees happier, more engaged, and more productive at work, which is always good for business."

— Kristin, Administrative Assistant II

Digital Pioneers

"Our Young Professionals Employee Resource Group (ERG) is a collaborative network of emerging leaders driven to exercise leadership skills and inject new technology and ways of thinking back into the organization. We experiment with immersive experience technologies, pilot new programs, and participate in the local tech communities where our IT operations are located. Our cohort of emerging leaders is highly motivated to make an impact and to be ‘disruptors’ of the best kind."

Nestlé employee smiling at the camera 
Cultural Inclusivity Alliance

The Cultural Inclusivity Alliance is a group of Nestle Professionals adding value to the organization by sharing cultures, experiences and community. We find ways to leverage our groups various cultural backgrounds to increase creativity, make impacts on work/life balance and lastly broaden the views of the organization in order to become more diverse and inclusive.

Our Culture
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How a Leap of Faith Brought Greg from Sales and Retail to Nestlé IT

Meet Greg—IT Functional Relationship Manager for Marketing and Sales

Nestlé employee with pet
Every company is a tech company - Why IT at Nestlé?

Inspired by Linda’s 30-year career, Melissa (IT Partner Productivity Management Senior Specialist and Champion for Women in Tech at Nestlé) highlights the journey of her mentor’s experience learning, growing and making a difference in technology at Nestlé.

Nestlé employee smiling at the camera 
From Infantry to IT Project Management - Meet Michael

As a Senior Project Manager, I work with a diverse group of people from multiple streams of the business.

Being the Change - 2 IT Diversity Champions Share Their Story

An inclusive workplace for me means being able to show up authentically and deliver.

Nestlé employees smiling at the camera 
Women's History Month - An Inside Look from Two Female Leaders in IT at Nestlé

My first manager helped kick off my Nestlé career in the right direction. He was a wonderful cheerleader, supported me, and challenged me through high visibility projects.

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Digital Accessibility in the Workplace

At Nestlé, digital accessibility is a crucial part of cultivating a more diverse, equitable & inclusive culture.

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How NesFlex Makes Me Feel Supported, Meet Sinett

At Nestlé, we believe in empowering employees to decide where to work based on where they are most productive.

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At Nestlé We’re More than Professionals, Meet Pedro

When you choose a career at  Nestlé, you join a collaborative and inspiring culture.

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