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New Associates at Nestlé Purina: The On-Boarding Process


Starting a new job is an all-natural cause for jitters. Your first few days warrant several handshakes, many new names to remember and paperwork to formalize your fresh start. Many companies have a process in place to welcome new hires and help you ease your way into the climate and culture of the organization, and set you up for success throughout your career. 

Our Organization Development team, housed within the Human Resources department, spearheads the on-boarding process for new associates, as well as the learning and development of all current associates. Since our people are our most important asset, we invest in every step of their career, beginning with their initial steps through our front doors. 

Within Your First Few Months... 

Prior to hitting your three-month mark at Nestlé Purina, you will attend New Associate Orientation, known around here as "NAO". NAO is a three-day experience that provides the opportunity to learn about our history, culture, business, products and more from leaders in our company. You will participate in NAO alongside several other new associates from a variety of departments and functional areas—all of whom are your new coworkers. 

Within Your First Few Years... 

As part of an ongoing effort to keep our culture alive and encourage associates to continuously learn and grow their skills, new associates are encouraged to take a set of core classes, called Checker Essentials. These classes uncover the strategies to successfully create an inclusive workplace and to develop skills for innovation. 

In addition to these classes, Nestlé Purina offers a robust catalog of training and development opportunities to associates of all career levels each year. We try to equip our associates with the proper knowledge and tools because we know the stronger you are, the stronger we are, too. 

We truly believe that an investment in our people is an investment in our shared future. Interested in becoming a new associate at Nestlé Purina? 

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