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Meet Our Library & Information Services Team

Meet Our Library & Information Services Team


Give us the back story—what does this team do?

Library & Information Services is a team of four information professionals dedicated to supporting Nestlé Purina. This is just one of the many resources offered to our associates. The Library and Information Services team uses our expertise to provide information to groups and individuals across the organization in a variety of ways. This includes conducting in-depth research projects, maintaining access to resources, documentation, and maintenance of resources available. We serve all of Nestlé Purina’s departments worldwide with research and information relevant to their functional areas and projects. We also house and maintain Nestlé Purina’s corporate archives. In summary, our services can be used by many levels of the organization and across business functions to provide the context, history, or information needed to support projects from people and culture to products and supply chain.


How does the team benefit the company?

As librarians, we excel at finding and organizing the most relevant published materials. Our assistance saves both time and money because we are trained to know where to look for information and how to uncover the best information quickly. We offer guidance and instruction because we want to ensure associates have knowledge of what is available and the training to utilize those resources. When we leverage historical knowledge internally and house it all in one place, it makes our processes and project development and delivery much stronger.


What benefits do you offer to Associates?

We offer traditional library services like borrowing from print and digital collections, access to databases, as well as less traditional information services like alerts and in-depth research assistance. One of our most popular offerings is access to language learning, such as Rosetta Stone. The value we offer associates is always expanding because we can typically work with you to refine the needs of your request and develop a research plan to uncover the information you are looking for.

Another resource we offer is the Nestlé Purina Archives, which preserves the history of the company and its brands. The Archives consists of packaging, photos, advertisements, and items related to the company’s founder, William H. Danforth. These materials help to connect our associates with the company’s culture and collective history dating back to its founding in 1893.


What else would you say is unique about Library and Information Services that others may not realize?

We know a library has existed in the company since at least 1929, about twenty-five years after the company was founded. We even have a photo of our first librarian hung on the library’s wall. Our long-standing commitment to well-managed information (and hiring people to do that) affirms the benefits a group like ours offers.

But maybe the most unique aspect of the library is that we are pet-friendly!

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