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Career Tips

Can I get a job if…? How Nestlé Purina is Promoting Inclusivity in Our Hiring Process


What do I have to share on my job application? 

It takes just five minutes to complete our job application. Your time is valuable and information like your address, gender and birthdate have no impact on your ability to do the job. Our belief is that past behaviors are the best predictor of future behaviors, so we’ll conduct an efficient behavioral-based interview later in the process. Unconscious bias exists everywhere–removing unnecessary information in our application decreases the likelihood that it takes place in hiring decisions. 


Should I provide my pronouns during the interview? 

You might notice when you’re invited to participate in a phone interview, you’re presented with an opportunity to provide your preferred pronouns and your recruiter will, too. Bringing your best self to work, or to your interview, means bringing your whole self—know we want to address you in the way that makes you feel welcome. 


Which States Have Ban the Box? 

According to the NCLS, 1 in 3 people have a criminal history in the U.S. and laws requiring you to disclose that history in the hiring process are always changing, making it challenging for someone with a criminal record to obtain meaningful employment. In 2021, we acknowledged the ‘Ban the Box’ law put into place affecting our HQ in St. Louis, MO, however, we removed criminal history from our job application more than five years before it was legally required. You won’t be asked to share criminal history prior to receiving a job offer in our hiring process unless it’s related to the job for which you’re being considered. 


What if I need an accommodation to apply? 

If you need an accommodation to view or apply for a job, you’re presented with the opportunity to request it as soon as you begin your job search. Research and feedback we’ve received indicates candidates are hesitant to request an accommodation because they do not want it to impact the hiring decision. Your request for an accommodation is received and coordinated by an anonymous team so you can focus on putting your best self forward. 

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