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You Should Intern at Nestlé IT: Here's Why.

Meet our three interns: Andrea, Emiliano, and Marisol. They work out of our Mexico City Hub in HR, Communications, and Change Management, respectively. At Nestlé IT, we offer internships, apprenticeships, and trainee programs to help young professionals build their skill set and discover their passions. Hear from our three interns on their experience at Nestlé IT, and why you should consider an early career opportunity with us.

How did you hear about Nestlé IT’s internship program?

Andrea – I have access to a job board through my university, and when I saw the HR Internship role I decided to apply. The application process was fast, and the next day I was contacted for an interview with the hiring team.

Emiliano – Every three months, my college hosts a career fair and companies come to campus to talk with students about job opportunities. This is where I learned about the Communications Internship opportunity and what encouraged me to later apply for the role.

Marisol – I found the Change Management Internship opportunity on the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) career site and applied since the position aligned with my educational background.


What stuck out to you about Nestlé IT when making your decision on where to intern?

Andrea – I was looking for a role that would give me international exposure and a unique experience while also enabling me to build strong connections. I did not have prior IT experience, but I learned quickly and wanted to explore a new industry.

Emiliano (pictured right) – When job searching over a six-month period, I was looking specifically at brand name and brand presence. When I found this internship with Nestlé IT, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to join a global workforce and work with one of the largest brands.

Marisol – Learning that the Nestlé IT Mexico City Hub was brand new was really enticing to me. When I accepted my offer, I was eager to work with my team and make the most out of our new space.


Tell us about the responsibilities of your role.

Andrea – My day-to-day varies, but in general I help manage the onboarding process for new Nestlé IT employees. I work closely with business partners and stakeholders to ensure sure onboarding is a smooth process. I’m also working on a recognition project with the other interns for the Mexico City Hub, and the goal of our project is to help employees feel appreciated, motivated, and included.

Emiliano – When I first joined the Communications team, I learned a lot about ways of working, and now I manage our weekly internal newsletter. As a part of the newsletter, I look for stories from our internal communication platform to share with other employees, and I also report on event attendance metrics. Another project I’m involved in is the recognition project where employees can recognize other employees for their contributions. I’m collaborating with the other interns, but I own the communication strategy which launches in June.

Marisol – The majority of my tasks are related to administrative duties like managing platform licenses and locker assignments on site. I have two larger responsibilities which include the recognition project and our partnership with GoFluent, a language learning platform.


What’s the coolest project you’ve been a part of so far?

Andrea – The recognition project; My hope is that Nestlé IT employees feel empowered to recognize the work that one another is doing, and that those recognized feel valued.

Emiliano – The recognition project; the way leadership has empowered the interns to take full ownership on this project is incredible. I also enjoy working on our internal newsletter because I get to find and share current events and employee stories with others.

Marisol – GoFluent; I solely own the communication strategy and all processes involved, like assigning licenses. I realized many employees have an account or license with GoFluent, but they were not utilizing the license to its capacity. So, I created an internal communications plan to talk about the benefits of using GoFluent and started calling out high-usage individuals to hopefully inspire others to increase their usage, as well.


 What makes Nestlé IT unique

Andrea (pictured right) – The ability to build and cultivate my network on a global scale.

Emiliano – Learning about ways of working and experiencing the culture of Nestlé IT.

Marisol – The people and environment at Nestlé IT is especially unique and worth celebrating. I also appreciate how management encourages and supports career development.


Did you have a technical background prior to your internship? If not, what was your formal background and how did that prepare you for your internship?

Andrea – I did not have a background in technology prior to my internship; however, I reviewed all resources available to me when I first started, asked questions when I didn’t understand something, and was motivated to excel in my position.  

Emiliano – I did not have prior experience, but since I’m studying marketing and communications, I thought I would be prepared for this role. The adjustment to the role was challenging initially, but several resources were provided that helped me get up to speed.

Marisol – My selected career path is business strategy, so although I didn’t have an IT background, I felt comfortable coming into my role knowing that I would be running strategy and managing administrative tasks.


Mentoring is a primary piece to developing our employees. Tell us about the most valuable feedback you've been given so far at Nestlé IT and how this will help you in your career development.

Andrea – The most valuable advice I have received is to ask questions when anything is unclear and to learn the most that I can.

Emiliano – The best feedback I have received is to challenge myself to find opportunities for enhancement. Continued learning is valued, and we encourage one another to be agile and creative in offering solutions.

Marisol (pictured right) – I was having a hard time staying organized and on top of my projects when I first began my internship. Luckily, my manager shared various organizational methods and tips with me to ensure tasks were getting completed in a timely manner, and this has helped me significantly.


Is this internship what you expected it to be? If not, how is it different?

Andrea – I expected that because I would be an intern, I wouldn’t feel as valued or as important. However, the reality is people care about me, they care about my role, and I feel like I’m a part of something bigger.

Emiliano – Because of stereotypes, the expectation I had for my role was that internal marketing isn’t as engaging as external marketing, and I thought I wouldn’t feel fulfilled in my role. In reality, internal marketing allows me to tell stories. I’m surrounded by a diverse and talented team, and there’s much to learn and I feel challenged.

Marisol – When I first joined the team, I thought that I would be given a pile of tasks without direction or guidance, but my team and management have done a tremendous job in walking me through best practices and explaining processes.


What advice would you give to other students considering an internship with Nestlé IT or in IT/IS?

Andrea – While networking is important, I’d give the same advice my mentors have given me – ask questions. When you don’t have the answers or don’t understand something, ask! Take advantage of the resources and connections available.

Emiliano – Go in with an open mind. You might not have experience with certain tools or projects but take a chance and be open. I have had the chance to learn so much about the company and markets we support.

Marisol – My advice is to come intern at Nestlé IT and try something new. The people here are kind, supportive, and recognize that an employee is more than an employee. Work-life balance is valued here.



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