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Generational Diversity in Information Technology | Nestlé IT Careers

Meet John, Senior Manager, IT User Support



A career in Information Technology is valued and respected. It’s an important and creative discipline that employs people to solve and process a variety of problems with a plethora of stakeholders. When you join our company, you’re joining a Force for Good. Our team is filled with experienced and strategic professionals that support all Nestlé operating companies. Keep reading to hear from one of our employees on why it’s important for younger generations to pursue Information Technology.


How long have you been working in Information Systems/Technology, and at Nestlé IT in particular?

I have been working in IT since 1991, and with Nestlé IT since November 1999.


What does your job as a Senior Manager, IT User Support entail?

As a Senior Manager, IT User Support, I lead a very talented and diverse team of 49 people in the US, Mexico City, and Canada whose mission is to support all the devices and products that facilitate Nestlé’s Digital Experience. In this global role, we also contribute to the global portfolio with our deep technical expertise and our direct contact with all our receivers. Everything from workstation services, hardware and mobility services, printing, and field services; we enable our receivers to leverage the Nestlé digital portfolio wherever they are.


Can you tell me more about IT as a generational career choice in your family? How did your daughter gain interest in IS/IT?

My daughter, Blake, and I were exploring her career options together. We were very conscious of the need to select for her strengths, as well as to attempt to “future proof” her choice. Blake chose Supply Chain first because it interests her, and because of the value she knew it would add wherever she made a career. There was a significant analysis component in a lot of her course work, so she saw the opportunity to gain a minor in Information Systems as a sure way to gain the knowledge required to be successful. Then to top it all off, she knew that the analysis component would be critical to her long-term growth, so she enrolled in a 2 + 3 program that would allow her to obtain her MBA in Data and Analytics.

She has been working as an intern for the last two summers in Supply Chain roles, but the work almost always becomes very technical and analysis focused. This further strengthened her resolve to learn this skill. I believe her intent is to work in Supply Chain initially to learn as much as possible, while also leveraging her IT and analytical skills.


Do you think it’s important for youth, or younger generations, to gain awareness, interest, and skills in IS/IT? Why?

Absolutely. I think it’s very important for younger people to gain interest and skills in IT for a few of the reasons I described above. Creating a value-added skill set that will withstand the test of time is invaluable, and younger generations will play a large part in creating the inevitable automation that is coming in the future.


Tell us about your experience working with youth, and helping young people understand the opportunities in the science, technology, or engineering industries.

I volunteered with a local organization where I lead a group of mostly young people in an A/V – Livestreaming operation. These young people have gone on to take over the operations and are still innovating in this space today.


What advice would you give to recent graduates or early career professionals in IT?

As you join the workforce, take the time to acclimate to the business and technology. I encourage you to engage with as many peers, leaders, and mentors possible to ensure you form as many professional relationships as you can. Also, ask for a mentor and volunteer to be a part of any team that is working with the business to provide solutions that add value.


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