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Discover a Global Coffee Culture at Nespresso
Together, we can inspire tasteful and meaningful living

Are you ready to bring a little extraordinary into your life? At Nespresso, we blend vibrant people and products together to create careers that elevate coffee and your every day. Passion, innovation, respect, and the drive to do better every day are just some of the values that define Nespresso. We are emboldened to bring our team together as one and create new opportunities to grow and thrive. It’s just the beginning of how we transform lives with every cup. 


The Choices We Make

We make uncompromising choices, one after another, to bring you exceptional coffee. After all, we are the choices we make aren’t we?

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Sustainability at Every Level

Integrity Tastes Better

We don’t simply care about the “traditional” way of doing things – we care about the best way. That means making sure growing coffee does not damage the environment, ensuring that our capsules don’t end up in landfills, and so much more. Most importantly, it means creating a long-lasting partnership with every part of the crafting process, including you. Because for us, doing good in our business is good business. 

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Rows of Nespresso pods

Lesser Impact

Quality and Consideration

To us, responsibility means recyclability. Our capsules are made from aluminum to guarantee the freshness of the rich flavors of our carefully sourced coffee. But, thanks to that same aluminum, we knew that the life of our capsule didn’t have to end after it was used. By adding capsule recycling to our customer’s coffee ritual, our coffee tastes good and does good too.

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Crafting a Rich Experience

Opportunity and Growth

From Coffee Specialist to Barista, from Boutique Team Leader to Boutique Manager, we have a path that will suit your career aspirations. Having previous retail experience isn’t necessary to join our team, are you a team player, flexible and able to think on your feet? We create an environment to learn and the opportunity to grow.

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Our Products
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This is Craftsmanship in Action

From our OriginalLine roots to our newly introduced VertuoLine, all of our machines were designed to create an exceptional cup of coffee every time. Built to last, each one suits a different style of coffee drinker.

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An Unforgettable Experience Since the Beginning

From plant to cup, we think about how every bean, blend and process affects what you taste. Our obsession with extraordinary coffee has led to a line of distinct flavors, strengths and aromas. Each one a unique blend thoughtfully formulated for every step of your coffee journey – from the machine it’s brewed in to the cup it’s poured into.

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More Than Cups

We approach our coffee accessories with the same mindset as our coffee and machines. Each one is designed with your experience in mind. From cups to milk frothers, our accessories are crafted to enhance what’s truly important – our coffee.

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Meaningful Living Personified

Our history, filled with inspiring moments, innovative changes, and leaps forward, reminds us to never stay still. And our values and purpose help us constantly plan our way forward so we can focus on what matters most. Together, these ideals guide us cup after cup.

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A Passion That Brings Us Together

With respect at our core, our employees have the space to be innovative and unique – all while working together as a vibrant and dynamic team. It’s part of what makes working here an excellent experience.

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