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Welcome Home An Inside Look at Nestlé Purina’s Boomerang Employees

“Boomerang” Employees—you may have heard this term, especially in today’s market. A Boomerang Employee is one who returns to a company after leaving for another opportunity, and at Nestlé Purina, we too are seeing these employees pop up throughout our organization. The idea of a new gig may seem exciting at first, but Greg and Jason quickly realized Nestlé Purina Sales was a place they could flourish.

You both recently returned to Nestlé Purina. Explain a little bit about your decision to leave and return?

Greg: I left Nestlé Purina to pursue another opportunity within the sales and animal health industry. I was excited about the new opportunity but torn on leaving. I wasn’t dissatisfied in my current role, nor was I actively looking for another job. Ultimately, the other role entailed more travel than I was initially led on to believe, and my heart wasn’t fully in it. Shortly after I left, I was still in communication with my former Manager, and she indicated that she wanted me back and helped me apply. I was given the weekend to think things over and I decided that Nestlé Purina was the best place for me. In coming back and talking with a recruiter, she suggested that if other opportunities present themselves in the future to have an open dialogue with my manager. She also suggested that rather than looking outside of the organization if I want a change, to explore other opportunities within Nestlé.

Jason: My family and I were presented the opportunity to move to Connecticut for my wife’s career. She had an advancement opportunity, and while we loved living in Chicago, the pandemic was a tough experience. Our son hadn’t been in person at school for over a year, we didn’t have a yard to escape to, and many of the parks in the area were locked down. While I loved working for Nestlé Purina, the opportunity we were presented with was too good to pass up. What brought me back, was the investment in the workforce is better than any company I’ve worked for in the past. I knew and trusted my co-workers, our leadership team, and the organization.

What do you find unique about Sales at Nestlé Purina versus anywhere else?

Greg: We have such great brand recognition. You don’t have to sell customers on the quality of the brand, as they already look at Nestlé Purina as being a leader in the pet care industry.

Jason: I am empowered as a representative for such powerful brands. The training opportunities are better than any of my previous employers (three Fortune 200 companies). Management trusts the process of getting an employee up and running and that we can grow the territory and the business.

How are you able to own your career at Nestlé Purina?

Jason: I go back to the word “empowered”. We are taught the skills and allowed to take them and run. If you want to be an ambassador for Nestlé Purina in your territory, go to events. You can challenge yourself to say, ‘this growth would not be achieved if I wasn’t taking action.’

Greg: My current role gives me the opportunity to run my territory as if it were my own business. We have the autonomy and freedom to manage and have many tools to be successful. Nestlé Purina also gave me the opportunity for growth by promoting me to a Senior Veterinary Sales Consultant

What does it take to be successful at Nestlé Purina?

Jason: Telling the stories of the brands has really been what I’ve found works for me. My education was in Journalism and Nestlé Purina hired me, even though I had zero experience within the pet food category. They taught me what separated our brands from our competitors, and now I’m comfortable having these conversations with our customers and their consumers. Ongoing education is a priority for Nestlé Purina and an investment in their employees. This is something I will never take for granted.

Greg: To be successful you need to be passionate about the brand and the products. Your passion and enthusiasm can be seen from your customers. You need to be determined and motivated to succeed. Lastly, time management is key. You only have so many hours, days, and, minutes per week and you need to manage your time well.

What advice would you give someone who wants to start a career at Nestlé Purina?

Greg: Having worked for other companies and even another division within Nestlé, I can say that it’s the people and culture that make Nestlé Purina a special place to work. Embrace the culture and seek advice from others to help make yourself successful.

Jason: Ask yourself, ‘How high can these numbers go?’ Nestlé Purina will invest in you as a professional, and you will be presented opportunities to succeed as far as you choose to grow.

What would you tell a former employee interested in returning to Nestlé Purina?

Jason: Ask yourself, ‘Has your career or life in general improved from your time at Nestlé Purina?’ For me, it was easy. The company I worked for did emphasize training and development, and overall was a very dysfunctional setting. Nestlé Purina has always been organized and structured and is set up for employees to succeed.

Greg: Having left and come back, I can unequivocally say that Nestlé Purina has a unique and special feel, like a tight knit family. It’s the people and the culture, that make Nestlé Purina a standout employer. It’s a company where everyone takes great pride in the products and who they work for. Lastly, this organization truly values you as an employee and takes great measures to help you achieve any career goals and aspirations you may have.