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What Purple Leash Project Means to Our Associates

Each year our associates and brands champion the message that people and pets are better together through our company-wide initiative to keep domestic violence survivors and their pets together, Purple Leash Project (PLP) Throughout National Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October, associates at our St. Louis headquarters and in our factories across the U.S. participate in awareness campaigns and activities to shed light on survivors’ stories and offer support.

In partnership with RedRover, our goal is to create more safe spaces for survivors and their pets by providing resources to allow domestic violence shelters across the nation to become pet friendly.

Hear from Mike, Director of Commercial Development, on his involvement with the program and what it means to find meaning through his work. 


What does the programming associated with Purple Leash Project look like on our campus and nationally?


Purple Leash Project programming always contains a wide range of activities, including a lobby event at our headquarters campus that invites associates to learn about the initiative and get involved. We hosted an education day with a presentation from our friends at RedRover, to raise awareness for the importance of keeping pets and domestic violence survivors together. We even invited associates, on-campus and in our facilities across the country, to wear purple or participate in a Domestic Violence Awareness walk on Purple Thursday to show their support. Nationally, we’ve had nearly all our top 20 accounts sharing the PLP message online, along with in-store support through product displays.


How did you get involved with the project?


I was drawn to PLP because I saw it as a great opportunity to help both internally with the organization and externally with those that needed the help. We know that pets and people are better together and when you see things with your heart, you just know that it’s a righteous cause. That’s where the passion for the program comes from. I know we’re making a positive impact on the lives of people and pets.


What has your involvement in the project looked like?


My involvement consists of constantly looking at ways to improve the program from a communication and support standpoint including written communication, meetings, and other avenues. I try to provide Purina associates with the tools they need while reminding them of the power of PLP. In addition, I work across departments with Purina’s Brand Team, Marketing Development Organization, Marketing, Shopper, E-Commerce, Merchandising, and Supply Chain departments to provide feedback, ideas, and solutions. We’re all dedicated to making the program the best it can be to make a difference and connect with our field teams and customers. I’m already working on next year’s program by answering questions and providing feedback.


What can associates who are hoping to get more involved do in support of Domestic Violence Awareness Month and survivors?


We have teams reaching out in their marketplace to share the PLP message to connect with survivors, provide support, and donations. Proudly tell people about the program and invite them to join the cause. You will be amazed at how the story connects with people.


How has your involvement in this project allowed you to find meaning and purpose in your career at Purina?


Meaning and purpose in my career at Purina has always been defined by being able to make a positive change, provide value, and help others be successful. Purple Leash Project has allowed me to hit on all 3 of those key areas.


Continue learning about the Purple Leash Project and what actions we’re taking to support domestic violence survivors and their pets here.

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