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Career Tips

Are You Virtually Interviewing at Purina? How to Prepare:


Our search for top talent often expands well beyond the local job market, meaning there must be a way for us to "meet" you virtually. We have a tool for that. When candidates move forward to a face-to-face interview, we make every attempt to bring them to campus to allow them to experience ‘a day in the life' of a Purina associate. When this isn't possible, you'll receive instructions to take part in a virtual interview. 

You'll want to prepare for this interview similar to any in-person interview. In addition to reviewing information on our recruitment process, here's how to prepare for a successful virtual, face-to-face interview. 

  • Locate a quiet setting for the interview, free of background noise like a TV or radio and any potential distractions, like pets or visitors. 

  • Though it may be tempting to take the interview in your pajamas, experts say that you'll feel more confident if you're dressed for success. Business-casual is how we come dressed to work every day, although we certainly welcome business-formal for the interview. 

  • If possible, position your camera to a portrait view with a blank wall or professional setting in the background. Body language is still noticeable during your virtual interview. Sit up straight, maintain eye contact with the camera, and be aware of speaking with your hands or yawning. 

  • Do a dry-run; ask a friend or family member to participate in a mock virtual interview. Use this as an opportunity to ease your nerves, ask for feedback, and as a final test for technical issues, such as internet connection, microphone/speakers and your camera settings. 

  • Treat this as any other interview: do your research, have your résumé on hand, be prepared to highlight your best work, and ask questions of the hiring team. After all, you're interviewing them, too.