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tidy cats
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9 Square Ventures – Our Investment In Emerging Pet Care Innovations

tidy cats

It used to be "The Four Talls" that served as the very core to our values system. When we added a fifth tall (Create Tall With Innovation) – we were serious about stepping up our innovative game. Since this addition, we activated a 450-kilowatt solar array in our Atlanta factory, built a 56,000-square-foot LEED Gold-Certified Training & Development Center in St. Louis and developed a cat litter product, Tidy Cats® LightWeight, that's half the weight of conventional litter. And it's never slowing down. 

Now a new division of Nestlé Purina, 9-Square Ventures is a group dedicated to investing in emerging pet food and snack brands to help accelerate the innovations within the pet care category. By partnering with entrepreneurs, small businesses and venture funds who share the same passion for pets that we do, we have the opportunity to take early-stage pet projects an entrepreneur is working on and elevate them to the next best piece of the business. 

"It's about developing relationships with entrepreneurs and investors in the pet care business and making small, calculated investments in segments where we often don't compete," said David Narkiewicz, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel at Purina and 9 Square Ventures officer. 

The 9 Square Ventures team is small but mighty – all of whom come together from various business units within Purina, including Finance, Marketing and Legal. Purina recognizes the passion and potential that entrepreneurs have within our industry – and they're operating within channels we don't currently sell to. With our expertise and rich history as a market leader combined with the dreams and visions of entrepreneurs, we plan to continue making breakthrough innovations that make the lives of pets and pet owners better in every way.