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150 Years of Nestlé
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150 Years of Nestlé

Worldwide, more than one billion servings of Nestlé products are consumed per day. We’re in nearly every aisle of the grocery store. That’s over 10,000 different products – a product for every moment of every day from morning to night and birth to old age. But we had to start somewhere.

In 1867, Henri Nestlé learned about a premature baby who couldn’t be breastfed. So he fed the child his new ‘farine lactée’ infant food – the only product this baby boy could digest. And he lived to tell the tale.

Word spread. Henri’s life-saving innovation set the stage for 150 years ahead of product innovations that would become the largest food company in the world. Did you know Henri was one of the first Swiss manufacturers to build up a brand with the help of a logo? See how the Nestlé logo has evolved over 150 years. Now, behind the very familiar bird’s nest logo are operations that span 197 countries including nearly 340,000 employees.

It was Nestlé’s merger with Anglo Swiss in 1905 (to form Nestlé & Anglo Swiss Milk Company) that eventually evolved into the Nestlé Group in 1977. What made the company so successful at the time? Investing in science-based products and using modern factories to produce them efficiently. It’s a blueprint that still applies today for every single one of Nestlé’s operating companies, Purina included. For more on Nestlé’s company history, click here.




Nestlé’s Operating Companies:

  • Nestlé Research Center
  • Nestlé Nespresso
  • Nestlé Professional
  • Nestlé Purina PetCare
  • Nestlé Waters
  • Nestlé Health Science
  • Nestlé Nutrition Institute
  • Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences
  • Nestlé Skin Health


Nestlé Brands:

Baby foods Cerelac, Gerber, Gerber Graduates, NaturNes, Nestum
Bottled water Nestlé Pure Life, Perrier, Poland Spring, S. Pellegrino
Cereals Chocapic, Cini Minis, Cookie Crisp, Estrelitas, Fitness, Nesquick Cereal
Chocolate & confectionery Aero, Butterfinger, Cailler, Crunch, KitKat, Orion, Smarties, Wonka
Coffee Nescafé, Nescafé 3 in 1, Nascafé Cappuccino, Nescafé Classic, Nescafé Decaff, Nescafé Dolce Gusto, Nescafé Gold, Nespresso
Culinary, chilled and frozen food Buitoni, Herta, Hot Pockets, Lean Cuisine, Maggi, Stouffer's, Thomy
Dairy Carnation, Coffee-Mate, La Laitière, Nido
Drinks Milo, Nesquick, Nestea
Food service Chef, Chef-Mate, Maggi, Milo, Minor´s, Nescafé, Nestea, Sjora, Lean Cuisine, Stouffer's
Healthcare nutrition Boost, Nutren Junior, Peptamen, Resource
Ice cream Dreyer's, Extrême, Häagen-Dazs, Mövenpick, Nestlé Ice Cream
Petcare Alpo, Bakers Complete, Beneful, Cat Chow, Chef Michae´s, Canine Creations, Dog Chow, Fancy Feast, Felix Friskies, Gourmet, Purina, Purina ONE, Pro Plan