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Rosana’s Ambition to Learn New Skills| Nestlé Careers


Tell us about your role at Nestlé IT. What has your career path looked like?

In my current role at Nestlé IT, I’m responsible for providing all tools and support required for Nestlé employees in the North American region. My team manages devices, collaboration tools, access, trainings, projects, and IT support channels. Our mission is to empower our workforce to communicate, collaborate, and innovate anytime, anywhere.

IT has always been the right place for me. In my 17 years with the company (yes, 17 years already!), I have had six completely different positions which have challenged me, taught me new skills, and contributed to my professional development. I have also had the opportunity to move from Brazil to the USA.  My family and I continue to learn more about their culture and traditions every day.

For people like me, who enjoy challenges and experimenting with new ideas, Nestlé IT can offer so many opportunities!

What is the Nestlé Talent Marketplace and how have you used this platform?

The Talent Markeplace is a platform that allows all Nestlé employees to have visibility to our global work and opportunities within various departments. You can apply for a mission based on your availability and desire to strengthen your skills. This gives employees the opportunity to learn new capabilities while working on a project or topic that interests them. It supports our employees’ development, career growth, and the overall Nestlé company while giving our team members the opportunity to network and communicate between departments and people.

One area that I believe is very important, and that I’m looking forward to developing, is storytelling. I want to engage people and bring them along when we experience major technological transformations. Using Talent Marketplace will give me the opportunity to develop my skills through hands-on experience. It will also amplify my network and establish a deeper connection with the mission and purpose that I will support.

When the platform was released, I was able to create my profile by mapping my interest in areas that I had in my developmental plan. I will be supporting the Nestlé R&D IT function with the IT narrative as we work to bring new technology solutions to the market. This stretch project will help me practice skills I aspire to develop like engagement and being an ambassador for the organization.

What’s your favorite tech gadget or program that you work with?

This is a very difficult question since technology is ever-evolving, however, I would say my favorite program is the instant messaging solution we have in our workplace as I was part of the deployment, and it is a solution that evolves constantly. This allows for real-time collaboration and communication.

Outside of your role, what else are you involved in at Nestlé IT?

At Nestlé IT, we have groups that focus on improvement initiatives, and most recently, I was involved in a discussion revolving capability building and how generative AI can help IT.

In the last few years, I have been involved in a mentoring program and now just engaged in a volunteer program, led by one my colleagues. I believe it will bring great opportunities for us to give back to our local communities.

What are three words you would use to describe Nestlé IT?

Open, Diverse, and #ForceForGood.