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How Our Parental Support Policy Supports Mercedes

Nestlé IT offers a robust parental support policy, which allows primary caregivers 18 weeks of paid leave, with the option to extend to 26-weeks, to spend with their new addition. We know that family is what matters most to our employees and so we strive to deliver inclusive benefits to our employees and their loved ones. Read on to hear from Mercedes, Manager HR, as she shares how she adjusted to first-time mom life.


Tell us about yourself and your role at Nestlé IT.

My name is Mercedes and I’ve been with Nestlé for almost six years, starting in HR Operations. I transitioned to Nestlé IT in 2019, and my current role is HR Business Partner for Analytics, Data, & Integration (ADI), Center 4 Enablement (C4E), and Office of the CIO. Another big piece of my role is analyzing trends and metrics to deliver to leaders, so that we can proactively drive strategic decisions that bring value back to the organization and businesses we support.


I have a bachelor's in Business Administration with an emphasis in Human Resources Management, a minor in Marketing, and a master's in Human Resources Development. My husband, Jake, and I met in high school, and we have two dogs, Kimber and Koda, as well as our son, Carter, who turns two in September.


How were you able to use our parental support policy? 

The parental support policy allowed me the flexibility to take up to six months off with my son when he was born. Being a first-time mom, this time was crucial for me to adjust into motherhood, spend quality bonding time with my son, but also something that is often forgotten: taking care of myself as a mom mentally, emotionally, and physically.


Adjusting to motherhood was much more difficult for me than I expected. The things you used to be able to do become so much harder. It is a huge lifestyle shift. The life I once knew changed so abruptly and now revolves around my child and I had must relearn how to take care of myself, my relationship with my spouse, and my new baby. It took me several months to find my footing, and I am grateful for the full six months of time off. I was able to come back to work feeling better and able to be the better version of myself.


How do you feel supported as a working parent?

Nestlé allows me the flexibility to manage my schedule and accommodate what I need and the boundaries I set. I support employees across all levels of the organization, including Senior Leaders. There have been several times I’ve had to take a call with VPs and my son is in the background screaming or playing. At times, I have had to decline meetings due to daycare drop off/pick-up, and I have never had someone complain or show frustration towards the obstacles that come with being a parent. I have only been met with empathy and  from my colleagues, regardless of what their level is in the organization.


What would you tell a working parent who is thinking about joining Nestlé IT? 

Nestlé can be what you make of it. While there are meetings that are critical to join at times, it is all about balance, how you prioritize, and what boundaries you set for yourself. The first question most of my leaders and employees ask me when I get on the phone with them is, “How is your son doing and how is mom doing?” Nestlé IT feels like a close-knit organization that truly cares about not only one another, but their families.


Outside of work, what are some of your family’s favorite activities? 

Being a new mom, my favorite hobby right now of course is spending time with my son. We try to get outside with him as much as possible—taking walks and going to the park. I also love home remodel projects, taking the boat out, or sneaking away to trout fish for the day with my husband.


Are you ready to join an organization that supports your well-being both in and outside of the office? Check out our open opportunities,and learn more about what it’s like to be a force for good.