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Meet Mimi


Mimi, Testing Data Cutover Lead, Office of the CIO 

Tell me about your career path at Nestlé. 

I came to Nestlé in 1999 as a Senior Solutions Analyst. The role was very hands-on—as an individual contributor, my role was to understand the business partners' needs and build solutions in SAP to address them. I was later promoted to a Solutions Manager where I began leading a team, and then a Group Manager in Retail Solutions where I led multiple teams. 

When Nestlé transformed its IT function into a shared service across all of Nestlé's operating businesses, I accepted an assignment as a Manager of Process, Integration & Governance—quite the title, but my job was to ensure we continue to deliver a high level of service through our transformation. Now that our transformation is complete, I'm responsible for all functional integrations and driving our vision day to day. 


What did you do prior? Did you always want to work in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry (CPG)? 

Not necessarily. I started my career in sales within the women's fashion industry. There, I was asked to join an SAP implementation representing our department. At the time, I wasn't fond of the idea. Looking back, the opportunity introduced me to my passion in technology and a skill set necessary to join Nestlé. Once I entered the tech space, there was a lot of crossover between the two industries—selling women's clothing or a case of water presents the same challenges. 

I do consider my diverse background valuable. My business experience taught me a lot of skills I still use today, like tailoring my communication for the audience I'm working with. I might communicate the same message to a business stakeholder and a tech provider much differently. 

What is it like as a female in senior leadership? 

In the past, it was pretty typical to walk into a room where I was the only woman. Today, there are a number of female leaders on the team, including the Head of IT at Nestlé. I am proud we're well represented. 

What advice would you tell someone considering a career path in IT? 

I would emphasize the importance of building relationships and a vast network. This is important in any job, and the broad network available at Nestlé has undoubtedly helped me be successful in my role(s). 

Outside of work, what are you passionate about? 

I value quality time with my husband and two daughters. I'm also an avid runner, I travel frequently for work, and getting out for a run is the best way to explore a new city! 

Finally, I serve on the board of The Odyssey of the Mind, a global organization that promotes creative and divergent problem solving and thinking for children. I got involved with the organization when my kids started to participate and accepted a leadership role soon after. It teaches kids at all ages to think creatively and advocate for their ideas and how to present and communicate them effectively. So much of what the organization teaches informs how I do my job and coach my team.