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Gerber Careers

Factory worker smiling at the camera
Nurturing The Next Generation

Joining Gerber Products Company (Nestlé Nutrition) means joining an organization devoted to developing the future. Our reputation as a worldwide leader in early childhood nutrition is preceded by talented and ambitious individuals who have taken a science-backed approach to creating delicious and healthy food products. As part of our team, you will be encouraged to realize your full potential, just like the babies we serve.

Gerber oat milk smoothie pouches
Gerber Announces Baby Food Industry's First Single-Material Pouch

How the brand is increasing recycling value and promoting the circular economy.

US National Guard members deliver formula during national shortage
Nestlé Partners with Biden Administration on Operation Fly Formula

Nestlé serves parents, caregivers and children around the world.

Meet Our Leadership Team 
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Georgina, Head of HR

“At Gerber, we are devoted to creating a culture that inspires success. Our leadership team is committed to nurturing our employees to realize their full potential and the potential of our business as we continue to do Anything for Baby!” 

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Dominic, Head of Retail Sales

"You are part of the solution because you and your ideas are what makes this organization a great place to work! We are committed to a “one team” mentality where titles are left at the door, and teamwork, will to win, and personal development drive our day to day interactions."

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Scott, Head of Technical & Production

"Quality is central to everything we do at Gerber. Others talk quality, we live it. When it comes to delivering the highest quality, safest product possible for our vulnerable consumers, there is no compromise. Anything for Baby!"

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Kevin, General Counsel & Head of Legal

"At Gerber, our simple mission is to delight the consumer by delivering the best products with an unwavering commitment to quality, value and baby."

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Antonio, Head of Supply Chain

“We do Anything for Baby, and in Supply Chain this means going above and beyond to ensure parents can find the products they are looking for to meet their baby’s needs. We are constantly challenging ourselves to build a more agile Supply Chain, capable of adapting to provide innovative products at the highest possible quality for growing babies and families.”

Baby and mom cooking together
Gerber commits to carbon neutrality for US products

Gerber is the first U.S. baby food company to announce its commitment to carbon neutral food products.

Nestle farmer sourcing crops
Preserving the Planet for the Next Generation

Our Gerber team understands the importance of caring for future generations.

Available Gerber Opportunities
Company Job Title Location(s) Job Function Job ID
Gerber Glass Relief Operator / Utility
  • Fort Smith, AR
Manufacturing & Operations 230111
Gerber Drier Operator
  • Fort Smith, AR
Manufacturing & Operations 230074
Gerber Packaging Engineering Specialist
  • Fort Smith, AR
Manufacturing & Operations 223800
Gerber Processing Technician
  • Fort Smith, AR
Manufacturing & Operations 229103
Gerber Packaging Machine Opr Cereal
  • Fort Smith, AR
Manufacturing & Operations 229104
Nestlé Nutrition R&D Senior Pilot Plant Operations Manager
  • Fremont, MI
Research & Development 227272
Gerber Cereal Manual Assembly
  • Fort Smith, AR
Manufacturing & Operations 221869
Gerber Tote Processing Operator
  • Fort Smith, AR
Manufacturing & Operations 216787
Gerber Batching Operator
  • Fort Smith, AR
Manufacturing & Operations 216726