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Nestlé has been nourishing a growing world for generations. No matter where you work within the Nestlé organization, you’ll discover new opportunities to grow while you help us inspire healthier lives, support local communities, do what’s right for the planet, and make an impact.

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Headshot of Alsyon from Nespresso
Alyson, Nespresso

"This is a different environment than anywhere else I’ve worked. Nespresso puts a lot of time and investment into training employees."

Headshot of Angelo from Nestlé
Angelo, Nestlé

"What attracted me to Nestlé was the growth and support. I grew up on the manufacturing side, and I wasn’t going to be a great marketer on day one. But Nestlé saw potential and the ability to learn. They were willing to develop me and give me the marketing expertise to be successful."

Headshot of Shaul from IT at Nestlé
Shaul, IT at Nestlé

"The opportunity to influence the ways of working at a company the size and scale of Nestlé is what originally attracted me to the organization. The ability to innovate across multiple workflows and provide real business value keeps me excited and engaged on an ongoing basis."

Headshot of Camara from Nestlé Health Science
Camara, Nestlé Health Science

"This is my first real job. I work on global projects that take me to Switzerland and Germany where experienced scientists help me develop as a scientist and a professional. I really am enjoying my time at Nestlé Health Science."

Headshot of Erin from Gerber
Erin, Nestlé Gerber

"At Gerber… we aim to create tasty, nutritious foods that babies love — and will actually eat — so they’ll start healthy habits young. Research and experimentation — ranging from detailed taste tests to nationally recognized, peer-reviewed nutrition studies — let us… develop new products that meet established nutrition needs."

Headshot of Berenice from Purina
Berenice, Nestlé Purina

"Upon my first day here, I immediately met people from around the U.S. and from around the world who came to work and live in St. Louis. Here, I am part of a research laboratory specializing in molecular nutrition and immunology, which allows me to participate in many aspects of research."

headshot of Candies
Candies, Nestlé Professional

"Being a part of food service means we spend quite a bit of time customizing the perfect product for our customers. Customization during development can be fun and exciting because each time you’re creating something unique."

headshot of Bettina
Betina, Nespresso

"Working here is really a natural fit for me. I truly love the products — still to this day. They’re beautiful, upscale, sustainable and I simply couldn’t live without them."

headshot of Emily
Emily, Nestlé Health Science

"My team is like a family; together we create new products to inspire and delight consumers."

Headshot of Edna
Edna, Nestlé IT

"I had always dreamed of working for a large company like Nestlé with technology where process and methodologies are well established. It also offers a very competitive salary and benefits compared to others in the industry."

headshot of Jerry
Jerry, Nestlé USA

"We need all ideas on the table, or the best ones would never be heard. This is a place where everyone, not just senior leadership, can make a meaningful impact on a huge scale."

headshot of Alona
Alona, Nestlé Gerber

"I work to ensure we provide the right baby food to all mothers raising their children as Gerber babies so they trust us at any time."

headshot of Betty
Betty, Nestlé Purina

"I transferred from China to Nestlé Purina in St. Louis working on a team that sees the big picture of our product lines and overall business direction. I am proud to be at the frontier of product development."

headshot of Teresa
Teresa, Nestlé Health Science

"From R&D through production, our products and people set us apart from the competition. I love what I do, am incredibly proud of my team, and believe in the integrity and quality of the products we offer."

headshot of Rebecca
Rebecca, Nestlé USA

"The great thing about a global company like Nestlé is we have a wealth of resources. There are a lot of brilliant people working here who can give you all kinds of support, insight and advice for any challenge."

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